ARTERIA is the first network for Creative, Cultural and Digital Industries for Western Balkan Region;

Arteria Creative Network was promoted at the first Creative Forum Ljubljana organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Union for Mediterranean and City of Ljubljana in April 2018;

Arteria Creative Network executive board consisted by distinguished people who is marking international cultural scene for many decades.

Executive board:

  • Ms. Doris Pack, president
  • Mr. Darko Brlek
  • Mr. Blaž Peršin
  • Mr. Branimir Brkljač
  • Mr. Marko Maršićević

Mr.Aleksandar Pekovic is Managing Director

Founders of Arteria Creative Network: Marko Maršićević and Aleksandar Peković

Doris Pack

Doris Pack


Darko Brlek

Darko Brlek

Blaz Persin

Blaž Peršin

Branimir Brkljac

Branimir Brkljač

Marko Marsicevic

Marko Maršićević

Aleksandar Pekovic

Aleksandar Peković

Managing Director